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Bodorgan Environmental Management Ltd, (formerly Bodorgan Wildlife Trust) has been  responsible for managing the biodiversity of Bodorgan Estate land since 1999.  The Estate is located in the south-western quarter of Anglesey, North Wales. BEM Ltd co-ordinates conservation, management of agricultural environmental schemes and environmental designations such as SSSI sites etc. It  is at the forefront of active management and stewardship of the resources contained within the Estate.  The Estate is effectively the largest reserve on Anglesey, covering a significant amount of land.

We have initiated conservation projects such as the Red Squirrel reintroduction programme,  we protect Barn Owls by providing nest boxes across the Estate, undertake  bird surveys with British Trust for Ornithology, and actively work to eradicate alien species such as Himalyan Balsam and Japanese Knotweed.

With regard to Agricultural Environmental Schemes, some areas of the Estate take part in the Tir Gofal scheme to maintain habitats and features of special value.  We have also created an experimental crop of Willow Short Rotational Crop to see if this would be a viable option for heat and power (biomass).   BEM Ltd is working with Coed Cymru to develop a comprehensive estate wide woodland management plan.

Many areas of the Bodorgan Estate have received environmental designations such as our five SSSI sites, and an SAC .  Our motor racing circuit, Trac Mon, was the first circuit to sign up to EEMS, the UK Government's Energy Efficient Motor Sport initiative, which aims to promote a sustainable future for the UK motor sport industry by addressing the environmental issues of carbon and other toxic emissions and fuel energy wastage.

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