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The Team

We are fortunate enough to work with a variety of key individuals and organisations such as Catherine Bickmore, the Countryside Council for Wales, the Anglesey Himalayan Balsam Project, the Wild Trout Trust and our local farmers amongst many others.

The team comprises:

[Pic of Daniel] Daniel Crimp: Principal Biodversity Manager
[Pic of Hugh] Hugh Farrar: Bodorgan Environmental Manager
[Pic of JT] Jonathan Thickett: ???
Tim Bowie: Fisheries Manager
Melanie Wymer: Administrator
Catherine Bickmore, BSc(Hons), MSc, CLI, MI Hort: Managing Director of Catherine Bickmore Associates Ltd.
A landscape ecologist with a wealth of experience specialising in ecological, landscape management and access matters as well as environmental assessment and evaluation techniques including policy advice and project implementation for government and multinational organisations and relating to major infrastructure projects and those meeting housing and employment needs. She has led a wide range of specialist studies as well as being a key member of mixed discipline teams and understands the importance of working with other specialists to develop practical and sustainable solutions. Monitoring work has recorded the success of techniques she developed for habitat reconstruction.

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